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The Fox & the Grapes

The Fox and the Grapes.mp3

Hope and Greed 

Hope and Greed.mp3

The Clever Monkey

The Clever Monkey.mp3

True Wealth

True Wealth.mp3

Between Rounds

Between Rounds.mp3

The Boy who cried Wolf

The Boy who Cried Wolf.mp3

Too big too small

Too big too small.mp3

The Red raincoat

The red raincoat.mp3

The Proud Red Rose

The Proud Red Rose.mp3

The Fox And The Stork

The Fox and The Stork .m4a

The Thirsty Crow

The thirsty crow.m4a

The Lion That Sprang To Life

The lion that sprang to life..mp3

Cats and Roosters


The merchant and his donkey

A merchant and his donkey

The wolf and the lamb

The wolf and the lamb

The rose within

The rose within.mp3

Love and Time

love and time .mp3

The ant and the dove

The ant and the dove.mp3

True Wealth

True Wealth.mp3

Butterfly and cocoon

Butterfly and cocoon.mp3

The obstacle in our path

The obstacle in our path.mp3

God exists

God exists.mp3

Words and actions should be same

Words and Actions should be the same.mp3

             Frog and the mouse

Frog and the mouse

The horse and the lion

Lion and the horse

The peacock and the fox

The Peacock and the Fox.aac

The prince and the seedling

The Prince and the seedling.aac

The merchant and the barber

The Merchant and the Barber.aac

The rope

Lucky poem 

13.lucky poem e.m4a

Boiling water story 

14.boiling water story e.m4a

A smile 

a smile.mp3

Aunt jennifer's Tigers 

Aunt Jennifer's Tigers.mp3

Baby caterpillar 

Baby caterpillar.mp3

Buttercup gold 

Buttercup Gold.mp3

Lazy john 

Lazy john.mp3


Raman 5.m4a

Tale of turtle and swan 

Take of turtle and swan 14.m4a

The ant and the dove 

The ant and the Dove

The ant and the elephant 

The ant and the elephant.mp3

The ants and the grasshopper 

The ants and the grasshopper

The Bundle of sticks 

The bundle of sticks.aac

True wealth 

True Wealth

The wolf and the lean dog 

The wolf and the lean dog.mp3

The ugly duckling 

The ugly duckling.mp3

The story of flying Robert 

The story of flying Robert.mp3


The Furnished Room

The Furnished Room.mp3

Memoirs of a Yellow Dog

Memoirs of a Yellow Dog.mp3

The Signs of Happiness

The Signs of Happiness.mp3

A Cosmopolite in Cafe 

A Cosmopolite in Cafe.mp3

A True Servant

A true Servant

The Wind and the Sun

The wind and the sun.mp3

Heart of Gold

WhatsApp Audio 2021-04-21 at 18.24.31.mp3

The Most Beautiful Heart

The Most Beautiful Heart.mp3

Uncovering the Ghost of Nancy Drew

Uncovering the Ghost of Nancy Drew.mp3



The Mountain Story

Mountain story .m4a

The Angel

The Angel .m4a

Mentally Retarded

mentally retarded.mp3

Be careful what you plant


A very powerful story


Paid in full

Paid in full

The traveller and the plane tree 

The Traveller and the plane tree.m4a

The last leaf


A Letter to a Friend

A Letter to a Friend.mp3

I can take care of myself

I Can Take Care of Myself.mp3

The Gift of the Magi


Parable Of The Pencil

Parable of the Pencil .m4a

The Devoted Mother

the devoted mother.mp3

A hole in the fence

A hole in the fence

Gulam Hussain and the game of chance

Ghulamhussein and the game of chance

The golden touch 

9. the golden touch story e.m4a

The rose story 

10. the rose story e.m4a

Friend story 

12. friend story e.m4a

A merchant and his donkey 

A merchant and his donkey

A true pigeon story 

A true pigeon story.mp3



Farmer and the well 

Farmer and the well.aac

Fire and ice 

Fire and Ice.mp3

Four friends 

Four friends 11.m4a

glass of milk 

Glass of milk.aac

Having a best friend 

Having a best friend.aac

Huf of war 

huf of war.mp3

I wandered lonely as a cloud 

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.mp3

King Midas and golden touch 

King Midas and the golden touch.m4a

Krishna's coin 

krishnas coin.mp3

Lazy john 

Lazy john.mp3


Agastya 2.m4a

The tiger, the Brahmin, and the jackal

The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal.mp3

The stork and the crab 

The Stork and the Crab.mp3

CLASS 10-12

The Beggar Woman of Locarno

The Beggar Woman of Locarno.mp3



A Service of Love

A service of Love.mp3

A Haunted House

A Haunted house.mp3

The Martyr

The Martyr.mp3

The Father's eyes 




The wise man 

wise man.aac

I am special - poem 

7.i am special poem e.m4a

Let no one steal your dream 

8. let no one steal your dreams poem e.m4a

A bear in the rain

A bear in the rain.mp3

A soldier born to die 

A Soldier Born to Die.mp3

Bundle of sticks 

The bundle of sticks.aac



Climax in cricket 

Climax in Cricket.m4a

Controlling anger 

Controlling anger

Crock and monkey 

Croc abd monkey 9.m4a

Dinos beautiful feathers 

Dinos beautiful feathers.mp3

Elephant making Friends 

Elephant making friends.mp3


Titanic (2).m4a

watery thanks 

Watery thanks.mp3

Words and action 

Words and actions should be the same

The road not taken 

The Road Not Taken.mp3

The proud rose 

The proud rose

The travelers and the plane tree 

The travellers and the plane tree

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